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    2nd International Conference For Hospital Directors and Management – Implementing Innovations in Health-Care Entities


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    This May, we are taking part in the programme of the second international conference '2nd International Conference For Hospital Directors and Management – Implementing Innovations in Health-Care Entities' in Kraków (Poland).

    Put a placeholder in your calender today and join us during these fruitful days for collaboration across borders. Registration details, agenda and exact times are available at the conference site.

    There are a limited number of speaking slots in the programme for NCSH's members. Reach out to Felicia Hedetoft () today to claim your spot – first come, first served! For those not claiming a speaking slot, there is still plenty of room to participate in the conference.

    Find more information about the conference:

    To the conference site

    Date: 9–10 May 2023
    Location: Hotel Qubus Kraków, ul. Nadwiślańska 6, 30-527 Kraków (Poland)


    From the conference site:

    "We would like to invite you on May 9-10, 2023 to Krakow (Qubus Hotel, ul. Nadwiślańska 6) for an International Conference dedicated to innovative solutions in health care. The leading topics will be public procurement and energy efficiency. We will present international examples of innovative solutions in the above-mentioned areas. We will tell you how to buy innovations in a safe way, how to make a hospital achieve energy savings, become independent from external suppliers and become an increasingly green hospital.

    Solutions will be presented by experts from all over Europe, including Scandinavia, Germany, France, Spain and Great Britain. The conference is co-organized by the Association of Non-Medical Healthcare Managers, the Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare and the Procure4Health project funded by the European Commission.

    The conference will have very a practical dimension, we plan presentations and discussions with experts, presenting innovative proven solutions that have been implemented in recent years."

    Part of our participation in this conference is included in the project Platform for Internationalisation: Energy and Climate Smart Healthcare, funded by the Swedish Energy Agency.

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