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    News from our member Floow2

    Two weeks ago, our member Floow2 officially launched the Intrakoop Sharing Platform for healthcare in the Netherlands. Read about the solution below!

    Procurement cooperative launches sharing platform for sustainable healthcare in the Netherlands.

    20-05-2021 FLOOW2

    UFloow2sing an online sharing platform, Dutch healthcare organizations can now sell, rent, exchange, swap of give away goods and services they are (temporarily) not using. This ‘marketplace’ is an easy and practical way to save costs and contributes to making healthcare more sustainable.

    The sharing platform is initiated by Intrakoop, the leading procurement cooperative for healthcare in the Netherlands, in collaboration with FLOOW2. The Intrakoop Sharing Platform is not only meant for offering idle capacity or facilities; healthcare organizations can also use it to advertise a need for certain products or services. Making excess stock or items from one organization available for others stimulates reuse, reduces waste, and saves healthcare costs.

    The sharing platform is meant for the 550 Intrakoop members: hospitals and organizations for elderly, disability, mental or home care. Besides excess stock, the platform can be used to share medical aids, furniture, facilities, knowledge of staff and other forms of capacity that may be of interest to other organizations. Users can decide themselves what form of transaction they want for their items: to sell or rent out, or to give away for free. From adding demand and supply to payments and logistic handling of transactions: everything is provided for in a safe manner by the platform.

    Circular and sustainable healthcare
    Intrakoop and FLOOW2 had been discussing the possibilities of a ‘digital storage room’ for healthcare for a while. Initially in relation to sustainable healthcare, but the corona pandemic put things in a different perspective. The need for transparency of available goods and services and the necessity to collaborate catalyzed their plans. By facilitating easy access and efficient matchmaking for products, services, and facilities Intrakoop and FLOOW2 promote a more sustainable practice in healthcare. Unnecessary procurement can be avoided, and circularity is promoted.

    The digital storage room for Dutch healthcare organizations
    The past weeks a group of early adopters has successfully experimented with the platform. Following their positive feedback and experiences, Intrakoop has provided all their members with an account and launched the platform nationwide on May 18th. Logistic handling of transactions is provided by Schotpoort Connect, specialized in healthcare logistics and with a strong focus on sustainable logistics.

    About Intrakoop
    Intrakoop is the leading procurement cooperative for healthcare organizations in the Netherlands. Their 550 members represent hospitals and care organizations for elderly, disability, mental and home care. They help their members optimize procurement processes and make healthcare more affordable. Promoting sustainability is one of their focus areas.

    About FLOOW2
    FLOOW2 developed the Intrakoop sharing marketplace. The company (est. 2012) is global leader in developing marketplaces for businesses and organizations. They strongly believe that transparency and collaboration are drivers for a circular economy. FLOOW2 has developed similar platforms for pharmacists to exchange medication (, for healthcare in other countries (e.g. Canada) and other sectors (e.g. construction and retail).

    Intrakoop Sharing Platform:


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