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    June 10th - Webinar with Yale School of Public Health

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    This spring, Yale School of Public Health have arranged a virtual event divided in three parts. This three-part symposium have provided an overview of the current state of health care sustainability accounting, and sought global lessons that can be adopted by the US health care delivery sector to guide mitigation and resilience strategies. 

    Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare will partner up with Yale School of Public Health in the third and last part, on June 10, where we focus on "Lessons from the Nordic sustainable health care experience". Read more about this session and register below!

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    Part 3: Lessons from the Nordic sustainable health care experience

    June 10, 2021, 11:00 am-3:30pm EDT
    Presented with the Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare.

    This session will review the Nordic path toward sustainable health care delivery, including origins and drivers, innovation, and tracking progress. Content will be drawn from Nordic hospitals, government agencies, and industry.

    The Nordic region has a long tradition of sustainability leadership in the health care sector. The content draws from the Nordic White Paper on Sustainable Health care, a regional roadmap for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Topics covered include: (i) Sustainability holistically embedded in hospital operations, which includes architecture, supply chains resource use, waste management, and governance; (ii) Innovative health care solutions developed by local companies, such as digital health solutions, sustainable medical technologies, lower-emission health care programs, and circular economy; (iii) Linkages between hospital and urban infrastructure through services such as district heating, district cooling, public transportation; and (iv) Culture, politics and legislations that have driven the regional sustainability agenda; and (v) Sustainability reporting frameworks and performance review.


    11:00-11:15 AM Opening remarks

    Course Directors:

    • Jodi Sherman, MD, Director, Yale Program on Healthcare Environmental Sustainability
    • Sten Vermund, MD, PhD, Dean and Anna M.R. Lauder Professor of Public Health, Yale School of Public Health; Professor of Pediatrics, Yale School of Medicine

    11:15-12:00 PM Keynote address & live Q&A: Daniel Eriksson, Founder, CEO, Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare

    12:45-1:30 PM A paradigm for sustainable healthcare

    • Teppo Rantanen, CEO, Smart Healthy Cities, Finland
    • Jenni Nordborg, MSc, PhD, National Coordinator for Life Sciences, Head of the Office for Life Sciences at the Government Offices, Sweden;

    1:30-2:15 PM Key regional sustainability drivers

    • Hulda Steingrimsdottir, MSc, Environmental Manager, National Hospital of Iceland;“Implementing sustainability at Icelandic hospital Landspitali”
    • Ole Gerner Jacobsen, Chief Consultant, Green Transition, Copenhagen; “Towards a greener healthcare – results and best practice”

    2:30-3:15 PM A diverse ecosystem of stakeholders

    • Johannes Brundin, Energy and Climate Manager, Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare; Project Manager, Stiftelsen;
      “Less energy, less costs, a stronger sustainability profile and a prouder staff”
    • Trude Ertresvåg, MSc, Environmental Manager, Sykehusinnkjøp;
      “Where are we and where would we like to be?”

    3:15-3:30 PM Closing remarks

    • Daniel Eriksson, Founder, CEO, Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare
    • Jodi Sherman, MD, Director, Yale Program on Healthcare Environmental Sustainability; Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, Yale School of Medicine; Associate Professor of Epidemiology in Environmental Health Sciences, Yale School of Public Health; Medical Director, Yale-New Haven Health System Center for Sustainable Healthcare

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