Grønnköpingkið Monday: New Solution From Addax Biosciences

Grønnköpingkið Monday: New Solution From Addax Biosciences

The green solutions used in Grønnköpingkið – the world's greenest hospital – benefit the Planet as well as patients...

... But they often go beyond that, offering positive effects to healthcare workers using the solutions. One prime example of such an innovation is the new product in the digital hospital Grønnköpingkið: GAF®, a formalin free fixative from Addax Biosciences.

"Every day in Europe, around 1,000,000 healthcare workers are exposed to carcinogenic formalin vapors, and the resulting five times higher than average risk of developing occupational diseases (respiratory tract cancer, asthma, allergies) as well as cognitive dysfunction.

Formalin, in fact, is an aqueous solution based on formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a substance classified by the EU as carcinogenic and mutagenic (like asbestos), and its use has been strictly limited by EU Regulation ((EU) 2014/895, (EU) 2018/675, EU 2019/983).

However, in the absence of a technically viable and safe alternative, formalin is still currently the most widely used standard fixative in Pathological Anatomy, for tissue fixation. Addax Biosciences has developed, patented, and validated GAF®, an innovative histological, non-carcinogenic fixative, capable of offering the same tissue fixation performance and diagnostic accuracy, over the full range of application as formalin."

You find Addax Biosciences's solution in the category International Arena by visiting the world’s greenest hospital:

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