New Member: Addax Biosciences

New Member: Addax Biosciences

NCSH's members cross borders of innovation, sectors as well as countries!

Our newest member is no exception to the rule: We are happy to be introducing Addax Biosciences from Italy to the network. In their own words, they describe their ambitious work for greener care practices like this:

"At Addax Biosciences, we believe in making the healthcare system sustainable, accessible, and resilient. The aim to ensure the population's health and long-term care starts with the relationship between environmental issues, their economic impact, and their social effects.

At Addax Biosciences, we aim to substitute Formalin (a solution based on Formaldehyde) from hospitals, research centres and laboratories.

Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic, mutagenic, and neurotoxic substance. Although its use has
been severely restricted in Europe (Reg. 2014/895, Reg. 2018/675, Dir. 2019/983), it is still widely used as a histological fixative in hospitals in the absence of a viable and safe alternative.

Addax Biosciences was born at the end of 2017 as a spinoff of the University of Turin after extensive research on histological fixation in anatomical pathology.

Addax Biosciences has developed and patented GAF®, an innovative formalin-free, non-carcinogenic product that offers fixation efficiency comparable to Formalin for biopsies processing.

We are committed to providing diagnostic accuracy without exposing healthcare personnel to the risk of occupational disease. With several independent multicentric trials, GAF® diagnostic efficacy has been internationally recognized and validated.

Social Impact
At Addax Biosciences, we believe that sustainability also means moving the focus from short-term saving to long-term efficiency through a systemic evaluation of the performance within the healthcare system. We are committed to promoting innovation to develop safer, more sustainable alternatives and a vision for a non-toxic environment.

IARC, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, classifies Formaldehyde as a category one carcinogen ("recognized carcinogen"), similar to asbestos. Almost 1.000.000 medical operators in the EU are exposed daily to Formaldehyde, with a 5-fold higher risk of cancer.

Avoiding exposure of healthcare professionals to carcinogenic formaldehyde vapours while ensuring valuable diagnosis for the patients is now possible through GAF® adoption.

At Addax Biosciences, we do realize changes are always a big challenge. However, we firmly believe evolution is essential for society. We are committed to providing our clients the best tools to participate in this change."

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