New Member: The National Maternity Hospital

New Member: The National Maternity Hospital

We are always happy to turn a Friday into a member Friday!

Today, we can proudly introduce one more hospital to the continuously growing NCSH network: The National Maternity Hospital in Ireland. They present themselves to the network below:

"The National Maternity Hospital is one of the largest maternity hospitals in Ireland, incorporating Maternity, Gynaecology, Neonatology, Community Midwifery Services, Anaesthetics, Fetal Medicine, Fertility, Pathology, Radiology, Maternal Medicine, Perinatal Mental Health, National Neonatal Transfer Service and Urogynaecology.

We provided maternity care for over 6,800 women who gave birth in 2022. There are over 1,100 admissions to our neonatal intensive care unit annually which is a national referral centre for complicated pregnancies, premature babies, and sick infants.

There were over 10,000 attendances for gynaecological and women's healthcare in 2022. One of the hospital's main sub-specialities is the treatment of gynaecological cancer. The hospital has also been designated as a regional hub for the development of assisted fertility services.

There are over 1,000 staff members employed in our service. The National Maternity Hospital has a strong reputation for medical, midwifery, nursing and allied health professional education programmes, which are highly recognised nationally and internationally."

Read more about our new member by visiting the hospital's website:

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