10 February | For the Third Year in a Row: NCSH Co-Organises ICAIM in Mumbai

10 February | For the Third Year in a Row: NCSH Co-Organises ICAIM in Mumbai

Continued collaboration for green hospitals in India

NCSH is proud to be part of the ICAIM 2024 "Leveraging Information Technology for Sustainability in Agriculture and Healthcare – Women Empowerment", taking place in Mumbai on February 10th–11th. In a joint effort together with Mamta Health Institute for Mother and Child, one of the focus areas will be how green hospitals transformation can improve women's access to maternal health services in India.

About ICAIM 2024

In an intensely connected world, where information is barely a click away, the importance of ignorance being a bliss has no standing. With an ocean of information, ideally the world should be empowered enough to have nil existence of any sort of negativity. However, the facts are different. Today every individual needs support to prove their existence. Every individual needs Empowerment.

Empowerment is the level of independence bestowed on an individual or community which enables them to exhibit their interests and become stronger and confident to take charge of their rights freely and responsibly. An empowered nation is a representation of empowered individuals in that nation.

The global statistics claims that the ratio of men to women is literally 1:1. However, this ratio does not reflect the empowerment aspect. Even today women are considered unequal to men. Whether it is job front or the home front, women are deprived. There is evident need for improvement in social, political, health, financial and educational status of women. There is need for Women Empowerment.

Women are an integral part of every domain, including healthcare and agriculture. There are several women who have made history in general and in healthcare and agriculture domains in specific. Yet, there are cases where large population of women and children are deprived of basic nutritional and health facilities.

It is time that Women should be given equal status and empowered to build nations that converge into a world filled with positivity and prosperity.

Information Technology (IT) will play a pivotal role to empower women. ICAIM 2024 focuses on the leverage of IT for empowering Women across every stratum.

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