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    5th Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare


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    This year, we are welcoming you to the 5th Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare.

    Keep yourself updated on our conference page HERE.

    Your tickets can be purchased through the event-site starting today:

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    Special deal for NCSH members, see below.

    Date: 11 October 2023

    Location: Malmö Arena, Hyllie (Sweden). Excellent localities next to train connections and Copenhagen airport.


    For interest and enquiries regarding Sponsorship packages and Exhibition spots, reach out to Hjalmar Bardh Olsson:

    About the Conference

    The 5th Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare is a one-day conference on the 11th of October 2023, with back-to-back events occurring on the 10th and 12th.

    During these days, we will be welcoming all relevant stakeholders (companies, clusters, hospitals, public procurers, the public sector, NGOs, and universities) from all over Europe. We come together to meet and build practical collaboration around green, resilient, and sustainable healthcare systems.

    This is your opportunity:

    • To show your presence and position your organisation at the forefront of a process with global impact on healthcare systems – moving towards collaboration and common goals.
    • To be in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. Decision- and policy makers, solution providers, investors, clusters, regions, hospitals and other key stakeholders will be the main audience.
    • To meet with relevant peers & stakeholder groups to engage in conversation and knowledge exchange based on sustainability needs and solutions.
    • To learn from other key actors and get access to front-line solutions, knowledge, research, innovation and development for sustainable progress.
    • To strengthen, widen and diversify your Nordic and European relations by connecting with others in the NCSH multihelix network and early movers.
    • To enjoy the benefits of being a member in NCSH – and seize the opportunities.

    The programme

    At the conference you can expect high-level speakers and key actors to present on highly relevant topics in the sustainable healthcare field.

    We will exhibit current sustainable solutions and offer you Swedish fika, lunch and drinks throughout the day as well as before and after plenary & parallel sessions – to create the perfect mix of inspiration and conversations.

    Dinner and after-party in Malmö city is included in your ticket.

    Click for the current draft programme

    Keep yourself updated! The programme will be ongoingly revisited with all the side-events that are taking place on the 10th and 12th of October – as well as minor changes and additions to the sessions.

    Updates during spring and summer time 2023.

    Member deal

    Dear members! We are happy to announce that we are offering discounted fees for all our member organisations to take part in the 5th Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare on the 11th of October 2023. 
    NCSH members will enjoy: 
    •  A 50 % price discount on the Participant ticket fee (ordinary price: 360 Euro)
    •  A 25 % price discount for claiming an Exhibition space at the conference (ordinary price: 2500 Euro) 

    Contact Hjalmar Bardh Olsson () for more details.


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