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    5 Dec
    World's Greenest Hospital LIVE
    Date 2023-12-05 14:00 - 15:30
    23 Jan
    12 Mar
    World's Greenest Hospital LIVE
    2024-03-12 13:30 - 15:00
    18 Apr
    Spring Party with NCSH
    2024-04-18 17:00 - 21:00
    19 Aug
    14 Nov
    World's Greenest Hospital LIVE
    2024-11-14 13:30 - 15:00
    28 Nov

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    Our office is located in Malmö, but the NCSH spans over Scandinavia, Northern Europe and beyond.
    Сontact us if you want to learn more about the NCSH:

    Nordic Center for
    Sustainable Healthcare
    C/O TEM
    Södra Promenaden 51
    211 38 Malmö

    Phone: +46 (0)40-606 55 80

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    guidelines sust

    guidelines sust

    Side NCSH Hemsida Grønnköpingkið

    The greenest hospital
    in the world

    Click to visit Grønnköpingkið!


    About us

    Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare (NCSH) is an intersectoral arena for stakeholders, organizations, projects and expert knowledge in the sector of sustainable healthcare. NCSH is an umbrella organization for existing companies, projects and competence.

    – Our network creates value and growth opportunities for our partners and members –


    The Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare is a project/cluster/network/platform initiated and led by TEM. TEM is a self-funded foundation founded 1984 and has a solid experience from sustainable healthcare in a variety of contexts with a unique competence and extended network in the area. We work with private and public healthcare establishment, business clusters, suppliers and international NGOs. Read more here:

    We launched the Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare as a platform to structure and develop the knowledge base and the work experience that we have been building up for more than a decade.

    • The world's greenest hospital
    • The world's greenest hospital

      The fictional city of Grønnköpingkið is building a new university hospital. Ready to operate in 2025, the digital hospital will be the greenest and most sustainable hospital in the world. In it, you find ready-to-be-used Nordic innovative solutions that already exist on the market.

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    Phone: + 46 (0) 40 606 55 80

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