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    Invitation to Market Dialogue for Environmental Labelling of Medical Supplies


    Arranged the day after the 5th Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare.


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    Photo from Leverandørutviklingsprogrammet's (LUP) website.

    The five biggest buyers for the Nordic hospital sector are hosting a market dialogue on environmental labelling of medical supplies at Folk, Mat och Möten. Open to any suppliers who have an interest, and also to other public buyers. 

    "Medical products are essential for maintaining modern and high-quality health care systems. At the same time, they can be a threat to both the environment and our health due to hazardous content, and a high level of resource exploitation. Five Nordic Public Buyers have therefore joined forces to use their purchasing power to challenge the market to develop more sustainable products."

    More details and registration:

    To LUP's website

    Date: 12 October 2023
    Time: 09.00–14.00 CET
    Location: (Hybrid) OLOF PALMES PLATS 1, 214 44 Malmö, Sweden (Folk Mat & Möten), or online.

    Related information can be found by clicking HERE.

    This event is organised by:

    - The Norwegian Hospital Procurement Trust (NHPT)
    - Landspitali – The National University Hospital of Iceland
    - Danish Regions: The Regions Joint Procurement
    - The National Secretariat for Sustainable Public Procurement
    - Helsinki University Hospital (HUS)
    - The Norwegian National Supplier Development Programme (LUP)



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