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    New Member - MegaWatt Solutions Nordic AB

    Today we are happy to welcome a new member to NCSH - MegaWatt Solutions Nordic AB!


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    We let them introduce themselves: 

    Energy solutions for people and the planet
    MegaWatt Solutions Nordic AB is a Swedish renewable energy solution company that was founded in 2016. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of BrainHeart Energy Group. MegaWatt Solutions is a leading turn-key energy solution provider with a vision for radical change within the energy industry. We seek to disrupt the traditional energy market and provide a secure, efficient and inexpensive supply of renewable energy, while also helping society to massively reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, and support national and global climate targets.

    Our energy solution is -- the EBox
    MegaWatt Solutions provides large industrialized technology, by harvesting the sun’s energy and using bedrock as a heat reservoir that is accessed via drilled boreholes. We use traditional ground source heat pumps (GSHP), if needed, combine with photovoltaic thermal (PVT) system to provide industrial sized energy solution. Our system is completely decentralized, modular, highly efficient and stand-alone. We call it the “EBox”. The EBox is pre-manufactured, a “plug and play” megawatt-level renewable energy solution with high performance and long life span. Our EBox connect to boreholes, deliver heating and hot water to large real estate properties. The EBox is equipped with numerous control features, monitor the energy performance of entire system. The control system in the EBox is connected with MegaWatt cloud SCADA system.

    Leading innovation within the energy sector
    We want to sell our product to more customers, for less money. It might seem strange to some, but it’s what we like to call energy democracy! Rationalisation, digitalisation and industrialisation are the core competent for MegaWatt Solutions.

    - We use smart technology that requires less material yet provides more functionality and stability. Our projects are all mission critical installations.
    - We change manual work into industrialised performance to allow us to offer eco-friendly projects.
    - We decentralise traditional heating grids and provide stand-alone energy centres that are all securely connected to the internet, enabling us to offer a      high-tech digitalised solution that results in incredible efficiency gains, and allowing us to provide a great service too

    Our vision for the future
    We believe that our society will see radical change in terms of how we produce and consume energy. Our ultimate aim is abundant clean energy for all people on the planet. And we are ready to lead the way! Our eBox solution presents a real opportunity to harness the power of the earth, performing eco-friendly projects while also cutting carbon emissions and saving money.

    Let's work together to achieve energy democracy.


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