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    New Member: Infoland

    If you are interested in a company 'championing sustainable and efficient healthcare with innovative technology', you do not need to look far...

    Simply turn your gaze to NCSH's new member Infoland! We let them introduce themselves in their own words: 

    "For 25 years, Infoland has been a trusted provider of software solutions within the healthcare sector, holding market leadership in the Netherlands and Belgium and a growing presence worldwide. Driven by the transformative potential of technology, we endeavour to foster safer, more efficient, and sustainable healthcare environments.

    Work pleasure and innovation: Our core values
    Our team at Infoland champions innovation and the joy of work – these core principles underpin our success and resonate throughout our products. We focus beyond technology, placing a significant emphasis on the human element at the heart of our work. Constant growth and improvement are our forte, as we continuously strive for excellence.

    International expansion: Leveraging local expertise
    Our ambition knows no bounds. We are currently expanding our reach internationally, establishing a partner network across various regions. We believe in the importance of local knowledge and expertise, and the value of speaking the customer's language, bridging cultural and geographical gaps to deliver optimal service.

    Zenya: Comprehensive and user-friendly software suite
    Our flagship offering, Zenya, is a versatile suite of tools designed to enhance quality and risk management, reflecting our commitment to improving the daily operations of over 1.5 million professionals worldwide. Through easy initiation, monitoring, and handling of actions, providing an overview of processes and performance, and fostering collaboration within teams, Zenya ensures quality, safety, and efficiency within healthcare institutions. Its availability on an app or web portal makes crucial information accessible when you need it.

    Zenya's five pillars: Document Management, Compliance, Safety, Risk Management and Employee Engagement
    Zenya DOC streamlines information flow within healthcare organisations, ensuring easy access to up-to-date protocols and procedures. Zenya CHECK simplifies adherence to quality and safety standards such as Qmentum, JCI, ISO 9001, and HKZ. Zenya FLOW promotes a proactive safety culture through the simplification of incident reporting. Zenya RISK empowers to identify, evaluate, and prioritise risks, transforming potential threats into opportunities and fostering a culture of proactive risk management dialogue. Finally, Zenya BOOST encourages active employee engagement in quality and risk management, promoting dialogue and encouraging everyone to contribute to change and improvement.

    As an independent, family-owned business, Infoland is committed to delivering innovative technological solutions that improve safety, efficiency, and quality in healthcare. Through our work, we continue to make a meaningful difference, with humanity at the core of all our operations."

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