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    20 November | NCSH's Training in Sustainable Healthcare

    Welcome to this year's third training in sustainable healthcare!

    A half-day training to provide you with knowledge on how to work with sustainability, the environment and corporate social responsibility in healthcare. If you are a member in NCSH, you attend completely free of charge (for others, the cost is 250 EUR excl. VAT).

    The training will give you an understanding of how to create sustainable healthcare, from organisation to environmental legislation. You will get basic knowledge about waste, transportation, chemicals and other crucial environmental issues for increased sustainability work in healthcare. As a consultant or supplier to the healthcare sector, you will get an insight into the opportunities and obstacles that exist. 

    Sustainable healthcare includes everything from reducing emissions from pharmaceuticals into the environment, to energy efficiency in hospital buildings. As a participant you will have the opportunity of addressing issues related to your area of work and responsibility. After the training, you will have gained deeper knowledge of the sustainability challenges in healthcare and how to work with these issues. 

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    Date: 20 November 2023

    Time: 13.00–17.00 CET

    Location: (Hybrid) Zoom or on-site at our Malmö office (Södra Promenaden 51). Do you wish to participate on-site? Send an email to Felicia Hedetoft () with the title "Training Sustainable Healthcare".

    Language: English

    Cost: Free of charge for all members in NCSH. Others: 250 EUR excl. VAT.

    For whom?

    • Environmental representatives, environmental coordinators, environmental managers, senior executives and other employees in private and public healthcare
    • Providers of healthcare that need a greater insight into the working methods of healthcare, the focus areas and challenges
    • Consultants, lawyers and accountants that work with sustainability and have healthcare as a customer

    danielgrårndDaniel is the CEO at the TEM Foundation in Malmö and has worked with sustainability issues in healthcare for over 20 years. He is the founder of Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare and has served on several international boards focused on sustainable healthcare. Daniel has trained thousands of managers, environmental representatives and employees in sustainable healthcare and has worked with a large number of hospitals and regions, both national and international. He has also worked with Swedish export of environmental technology and has done audits in healthcare with focus on legislative compliance and ISO 14001. 

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