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    Online Seminar: Yale and NCSH


    The Yale Program on Healthcare Environmental Sustainability and the Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare

    Covid 19 Climate Change and Supply Chain Resiliency 6

    NCSH will, in collaboration with Yale, launch a series of webinars and moderated discussions that cover a range of topics on healthcare sustainability, drawing on expertise from the US, the Nordic countries, and beyond. The first webinar is arranged on November 10th online. 

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    Speakers & Topics

    Dr. Rosemary Kumwenda

    United Nations Development Program; Sustainable Procurement in Healthcare Coordinator

    Lessons from sustainable procurement in the healthcare sector: challenges & opportunities

    Dr. Patrick Kenney

    Associate Professor of Urology, Yale School of Medicine; Medical Director of Corporate Supply Chain, Yale New Haven Health System;

    Founder and Chair, Supply Chain Physician Collaboration, Large IDN Supply Network

    Covid-19, physicians & supplies: Inability to supply PPE is not the true supply chain crisis

    Dr. Benn Lawson

    Associate Professor of Operations Management, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

    Design and management of a resilient supply chain

    Mr. Andreas Hagnell

    SKR (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions)

    Swedish national metrics on sustainable healthcare – 10 years’ experience

    Mr. Adam Robinson

    Former Chairperson, Association of Medical Devices Reprocessors Regional Director, HoverTech International

    The reprocessing industry and the impact of Covid-19 on the reverse supply chain

    Introduction by

    Jodi Sherman, MD

    Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Epidemiology in Environmental Health Sciences Director, Program in Healthcare Environmental Sustainability, Yale University

    Daniel Eriksson
    Founder / CEO, Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare

    This webinar is arranged as part of a project funded by the Swedish Energy Agency and Nordic Innovation.

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    For more information, contact:

    Daniel Eriksson
    +46 (0)707-94 42 13

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